Learn how to hook your audience within the first 30 seconds with my

Top 3 Pitching Secrets.

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Hi, I’m Lindsey Hughes

I believe being able to talk about who you are and what you do is important for everyone! And that anyone can become a pitch master.

I love helping people discover their superpower, create compelling content, and feel excited about pitching and networking. I teach how to pitch like a boss, network like a VIP, and write like an Oscar winner. 

In my wide-ranging career as a Hollywood development executive, I worked in everything from feature films, television movies, and TV series, to animation and live action. I began my career reading scripts for Robert Zemeckis and Kathryn Bigelow, worked under Michael Eisner at Walt Disney Feature Animation, and developed projects for John H. Williams, producer of the billion dollar Shrek franchise.  

What my clients say 

Lindsey has a great and rare ability to identify what makes a story really work.
Rob Moreland, Writer, Producer, Graverobber Productions

Writing a story is one thing, but making an effective verbal pitch that brings your story home is another. Lindsey has a specific method that works. I was blown away by her enthusiasm, support, and how she brought out the best in me. I’d recommend her services in a heartbeat.
Jude Lutz, playwright & TV writer

Lindsey was instrumental in helping me craft my personal story. My career includes many different facets – corporate, entrepreneurial, media, and refrigeration work! Lindsey helped weave it all together, showing my core strengths, interests. Thank you Lindsey!
Mark Scholnick, Content Strategist and Entrepreneur

Lindsey has been a great coach and counselor. I worked with her in the development of pitching both my novels and original properties. Each session was a huge learning experience. I loved the personalized attention to my projects. I felt confident in my materials and ready to meet with executives. I don’t make a move without her!
Cindy Callaghan, award-winning novelist, creator, Just Add Magic, Lost In…, Saltwater Secrets

Lindsey has been a long trusted story consultant and collaborator with us at Vanguard. Her comments and suggestions are always extremely useful and insightful.
John Williams, Producer Shrek & Space Chimps

Lindsey is the first person I turn to when I have to prepare a pitch or solve a story problem. She sees the big picture, and knows exactly what executives are looking for. Lindsey has been an invaluable help in organizing my ideas and getting to the heart of the story. Her notes are always honest and constructive, whether I’ve worked with her on the germ of an idea or a finished screenplay. No matter what level you are in the business, I’d strongly recommend working with Lindsey.
Joelle Sellner, writer – movies, comic books, video games

My writing partner and I have worked with Lindsey on several occasions to hone and craft our pitches. She has the unique talent of being able to focus even the most unwieldy idea into a concise and dynamic thought. Is it because she’s spent too many years as a creative executive? Or perhaps she’s secretly a robot built to overthrow the television industry from the inside? Either way, we’re not asking questions. All I know is that consulting with Lindsey has directly led to us getting work, and that’s good enough for me.
Alan Denton, story editor, Sonic Boom

Learn how to hook your audience within the first 30 seconds with my

Top 3 Pitching Secrets.