Last week we talked about the importance of building your community in the real world by ​attending in person events​. Today we’re talking about three things that can help you stand out at events!

1. Business Cards

Business cards may seem old school, but they are still an important part of your marketing and networking tool kit. They are a way to stand out and help people remember you. With an eye-catching logo and a clever tagline, you make a memorable impression when you hand someone a card. And of course, if they have your name and contact information, they are more likely to keep in touch.

Your cards don’t have to be complicated or elaborate. Concentrate on expressing what you do and your personality through color choices and your tagline. You can write a fun tagline by starting with your ​personal logline​. Shorten it and use punchy, vivid words to create a tagline.

I get my business cards from ​​. They have hundreds of fun designs, or you can design your own in ​Canva​.

2. Name Tags

Some bigger conferences have attendee badges that have your name on them. But those are often hard to read, or they get flipped around. And most smaller events don’t offer name tags. To stand out and help people remember your name, wear a name tag.

I got the idea from a couple of clubs I belong to that have name tags. It makes the meeting so much more fun when you’re not worried about remembering everyone’s name. These are plastic name tags with a magnetic back so they don’t ruin your clothes. I just ordered mine from a company called ​​. Here’s the rough design.

3. QR Codes Plaque

If you have a table where you’re selling merchandise, like at a comic convention or book fair, have a plaque with QR codes to your website and social media. I got this idea from my chiropractor. Hers is fancy with the social media icons molded in plastic, but you could print one, put it in a frame, and it would look great. It’s quick and easy to make a QR code at free sites like​​.

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