September is marketing month! One of the most important pieces of your marketing is being able to talk about all of your projects. My challenge for you this month is to craft killer project cocktail pitches for every single one of your projects.

While this challenge seems squarely aimed at the at writers, it is also important for executives to be prepared. One time my boss turned to me in a meeting and spontaneously asked me to pitch our entire slate to investors. Even if you are in something very traditional, like finance, you still need to talk in a compelling and memorable way about what you’re working on. And that is where the project cocktail pitch comes in!

I know a lot of you are on strike and this homework assignment may feel needless. But what better time to work on getting all of your project pitches in fighting shape than when you have this extended downtime with no pitch meetings? Also, I’ve heard from a lot of you about the great networking you’ve been doing on the picket lines. As you guys know, one of the first things people ask you is what are you working on or what have you done. So I bet even though you’re not having formal meetings, you are pitching daily. And if you’re not, you should be!

You can read the blow by blow article ​here​ about how to craft your cocktail pitch. I’m going to do a quick refresher below.

First, the Boy Scouts have it right; be prepared. Be prepared to pitch any project anytime. Because when opportunity knocks, you want to be ready.

What is a cocktail pitch? A six sentence description of your project that connects with the audience and gets them to say, tell me more.

Format and genre

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