It’s the end of March and we are also at the end of the first quarter of the year. It’s hard to believe the last three months just flew by. It’s time to check in. Where you are with your projects for this quarter?  What are your plans for next quarter? 

As part of your check in, what can you optimize to help your career grow?

I like to encourage everyone to be easy to find. Here are three quick things to improve that will help make you more visible to potential employers and customers.

1. Your LinkedIn Banner

This is important real estate that you should be using to advertise who you are and what you do. A blank banner means your profile is unfinished and automatically makes you look unprofessional. Check out my article  Your Missing Link: Linked In for Creatives  for banner suggestions and a short video tutorial on designing your banner in Canva.

2. Your Email Signature

Like your LinkedIn banner, your e-mail signature is a great place to let people know more about you and what you do. Be sure to include a picture. It reminds people you’re writing to who you are and immediately makes you seem more friendly and approachable. The key to an effective e-mail signature is clickable links, making it easy for people to find out more about you with a simple click.

 This video  is an easy signature tutorial. Note: he says you can do this trick in both Word and Google Docs, but I found it only worked in Google Docs.

Lindsey Hughes Google doc signature
my Google doc signature

Usually, I recommend Canva for everything, but unfortunately their email signature templates are not clickable. If you want to get fancier and clickable, try (It is $60 a year and I am not an affiliate.) They have lots of templates to choose from. Even better, it is easy to swap templates, if you change your mind.

Lindsey Hughes email signature rescue signature
My email signature rescue signature

Get creative! In addition to your social media profiles, you can include things like links to your book, links to a fun bio, or videos.

3. Your Link in Bio in Instagram

Even if your Instagram is completely personal, you still need a link in bio so that you are easy to find. Because Instagram doesn’t let you include links in posts, you have to put all your information in one link. The link in bio sends people to a page of links that can include your other social media profiles, your portfolio, your website, products you’re selling, etc.

There are several services that people use to make their link in bio. I use  ConvertKit  (I am an affiliate. See more info below.) which offers several link in bios as landing page templates. Landing pages are one page websites that give information or sell a product. Check out my  link in bio page  to see an example.

If you have any suggestions of other ways to be easy to find, comment below.

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