I have been working out with my amazing trainer Kay consistently since December and am so much stronger than when I started. Today I did some exercises I never would have thought I could do even two months ago. When she was celebrating my strong finish in my workout, I told her not only I am improving physically, I have kept my commitment to myself to send out my newsletter weekly for a month. She said, “Way to partner with positivity!” I loved that outlook so much, I asked her if I could borrow it. What makes this attitude so powerful is it magnifies your wins and keeps the momentum going.

So often our default setting is negativity. We think of all the the things we haven’t done, all the the things we should do, making ourselves feel lousy. I am guilty of this too and I recognized how much it was hurting me. Even before hearing my new favorite catchphrase “partner with positivity,” I had changed my outlook by building new habits of celebrating my wins in a couple of powerful ways.

Share Your Wins

Every time I have a win, even if it could be considered small, I share it with someone. Talking about my accomplishment fires me up, giving me energy and focus to do the next thing. And my friends’ positive reaction also adds to my self-confidence. Talking about wins comes with a caveat. Use discernment when sharing your good news. Unfortunately, lots of people who claim to be supportive are not. Pay attention to who celebrates your accomplishments. Those are the people to partner with positivity. You need cheerleaders in your life. It may take time, but build a small cheer squad. It can be family members, friends, coaches, and therapists. Along these same lines, I don’t recommend talking about wins on social media. It is never a good idea to share your good news with people who don’t wish you well and there are a lot of those online. Of course, there are exceptions like the release of your latest book or getting a new job.

List Three Positive Things You Did Today

Every night I list in my journal three or more positive things I did each day before I go to sleep. These don’t have to be big things. Even if it feels like you didn’t hit your daily work goals, you did something you can celebrate. Maybe it’s small things like paying bills and finally getting your car washed. Or big, like getting your blood drawn and staying calm (one of my recent wins.)

Try partnering with positivity for a month and let me know how it goes! Build your cheer squad and track your big & small wins. I bet in a month you will see positive change.

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