Business Tools

These tools are what I use in my business. I never recommend things I don’t use myself. I am not techie and what I like about all of these things is that they are easy to use. Heads up, some of these links are affiliate links, which don’t change the price for you and give me a small commission.


Landing Page – If you need a simple on page website, ConvertKit offers free landing pages. Landing pages are one page websites that are often used as sales pages, useful links, or bios.

Domains and Webhosting – You will need a webhost for your domain and to host your site. I use SiteGround which hosts WordPress sites. They have amazing customer service, how to blogs, and free webinars.

Email Marketing

It may seem old fashioned, but the best way to grow your business and keep in touch with customers is through email. Social media is fun and there is always a new platform coming out. But if one platform goes out of business (I’m looking at you Vine), overnight, you have lost all those followers and potential customers. The only way to stay in touch with your audience and customers is through email. Email marketing platforms manage your email list, schedule, and send emails. ConvertKit does all that and more. It helps you grow your list, engage your audience, and sell products, while automating emails and sending different emails to different kinds of customers. All with detailed articles and videos teaching you how to do it.

Computer Back Up

Make a habit of regularly backing up your computer to avoid disaster. Because I am paranoid, I back up my files two ways. The first is Backblaze, which automatically backs up your computer to their own secure servers anytime you are connected to the internet. I had only been using Backblaze for two weeks when my computer suddenly stopped working and I didn’t lose any of my files. It was a lifesaver. The second way is I use a physical hard drive, Seagate Back Up Plus Slim that also automatically backs up any new files when you plug it in. This way if the internet goes down, I still have my back up.

Graphic Design

Canva is an amazing graphic design online and mobile app. I use it to do everything from social media posts, my website, to the visuals I use in presentations and workshops. I cannot say enough good things about this service. I don’t have the best design sense, but with Canva I don’t have to. The templates give me a great starting point and I add my brand colors and images. Canva makes whatever you’re presenting look polished and professional and you don’t have to pay a high priced graphic artist to do it for you!

Scheduling/Managing Your Calendar

I use Acuity for scheduling my one on one client sessions. When my of my clients buys a session they are immediately sent to my calendar to schedule. It’s great because it avoids all the back and forth of trying to schedule over email. And if they need to, they can reschedule and if I need to I can reschedule. Amazing!

Business Cards has cool designs or you can upload your own. Sign up for their newsletter because they have frequent sales.

Productivity and Organization

I use the Bullitt Journal to keep track of tasks and projects, brainstorm, and take notes.