Career Coaching

Tell Your Story. Sell Yourself. Live Your Dreams.

Everything in life is selling. Whether you are selling your idea to investors or to your CEO. You pitch to clients and colleagues. You sell yourself at networking events and lunches, at staff meetings and performance reviews.

I teach people how to be comfortable and speak impressively in any situation. Whether it is pitching your creative project, handling a performance review, or meeting people at a networking event, I can help you shine.

You should work with me if:

  • You want to improve your creative projects.

  • You want to up your networking game.

  • ¬†You want to be more comfortable speaking one on one and in meetings.

  • You are reinventing yourself.

  • You are an entrepreneur with your own business.

  • You have the blahs, feeling stuck or blocked in your career.

  • You are pitching to investors.

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