We only have a few days left in 2022. I can’t believe it! Instead of making resolutions this year which seem to inevitably fail, what about concentrating on forming new habits? With new habits you change your behavior and you get results. Building new habits is more powerful and more effective than making resolutions. James Clear’s classic book  Atomic Habit s is a new way at looking at habits that I found life changing.

Clear teaches how small incremental changes build up over time to big results. What is one small change you can make for 2023 that will build up over the year? Maybe is it walking around the block every morning. If you walk around the block every morning for a year, you will have walked a lot of miles and be in much better shape than when you started in January. Or if you stop putting sugar in your coffee, by the end of the year you will have cut out thousands of calories, maybe lost weight, and definitely see improvement in your energy and overall health.

Instead of thinking big, think small! Once you have mastered a new habit, move on to the next one. So often we get discouraged because we try to make too many big changes at one time, and we end up not accomplishing any of them. Celebrate your small victories and use that success to fuel your momentum. The more you are able to hit your small changes, the better you’re going to feel about yourself and you’ll get a snowball effect of success.

Comment and let me know what you’re working on. Have a very happy holiday weekend!

Next week we’ll be talking about some quick ways you can plan your projects for the year.

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