An important part of marketing yourself and your work is networking. And while we have all gotten used to connecting over Zoom, nothing beats in person events for connecting and building relationships. For the Hollywood crowd, the biggest event of the year is Comic Con in San Diego. But you don’t need to jet off to big-ticket events to make magical connections. Stellar opportunities are knocking at your doorstep every single day – if only you know where to look!

How to find networking events near you:

  • Ask friends and colleagues.
  • Google
  • Your LinkedIn feed
  • Meet Up
  • Creator newsletters like this one.
  • Podcasts
  • Join industry groups.
  • Alumni groups

I had an absolute blast at a meeting of the ​League of Romance Writers​ last weekend! The best part? Meeting the fabulous ​Jami Albright​ and diving deep into her newsletter wisdom. The meeting was half an hour from me, and I could have attended over Zoom, but I wanted to meet people in real life. Also, I was thrilled to find such a cool event in my hometown.

I learned about it from Jami and Sara Rosett’s podcast, which I have recommended to ya’ll before – ​Wish I’d Known Then​. I love this podcast because it’s authors talking with other authors, and I learn something from every episode. It was really cool to meet someone I had been listening to for over a year. I felt like a fangirl!

So, here’s your mission for the week: Seek out an in-person event. Dive into lively conversations. Expand your universe, one connection at a time. Remember, the wider your network, the brighter your constellation of opportunities!

Stay connected and keep shining!

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