This weekend I saw a parked car wrapped completely in a design promoting the ​Outlaw Dave Show​. I really wish I had taken a picture for y’all. But I didn’t think of it until I sat down to write.

I had never heard of Outlaw Dave, but with the combination of the logo (which is wonderful) and the name, I knew exactly what it was – a Howard Stern-like show. When I looked it up, as the name and logo promised, the show was babes, rock’n’roll, and motorcycles.

I love this example because the combination of the show’s name and the logo tell you exactly what it is. This logo-title combo is a spectacular piece of marketing. Not only does it sum up the show and the man’s brand in a few images and words, but it speaks to his audience. You know in a quick glance if this show is right for you or not.

Attracting the right audience is as important as dissuading the wrong one. This marketing push and pull is one of the reasons ​genre is so important​. Genre is not just a storytelling construct; it is a marketing one. It tells people ahead of time if they’re going to like the movie, video game, or novel before they buy it. It helps you as the creator ​find your people​. Embracing genre expectations excites and satisfies your audience and it will bring them back for more.

So don’t be discouraged when you get a no. Nos are as important as yeses. For me, the Outlaw Dave Show is a no. But he has built a long career on being who he is and there are plenty of people out there saying yes.

If you want to get really glass half full, think of each no as getting you closer to a yes. And that each yes is building your tribe of loyal super fans, who will buy everything you create, give you glowing reviews, and recommend you to their friends.

Since this is the last week of ​marketing month​, remember these are ​three quick things to fix, to be easy to find​.

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