Last week I wrote about the power of following up and lots of you responded. It was wonderful to reconnect with so many of you! After I hit send, I had a few more thoughts.

  • If it has been a while since you spoke or you met at a networking event, remind who you are reaching out to when and where you met.
  • Avoid apologizing for the gap in your communication. Everyone is busy. I promise that no one is thinking about how long it’s been since they’ve heard from you. Instead, try something like, “Can you believe it’s been three years since we met at that business conference.” Or the generic “It’s been too long” is always a good opener.
  • To remind myself when I where I met people, I always write that info in the notes section of my contacts. I also include anything else we talked about like the names of their children or their favorite project. These notes are immensely helpful when I am following up. I don’t rely on my memory. I write everything down.

Keep building the habit of following up!