Happy New Year! Is your inbox inundated with suggestions about how to set and meet your goals for 2023? I know mine is! And to be honest with you I’m sick of reading the same goal setting methods over and over again. Instead of setting goals, my approach is to think about the projects I want to complete this year and then make a plan on how to do it and a deadline. I like to approach my year like a traditional business and divide it into quarters of three months. Remember whether you are a self-employed creative or have a corporate job, you are the CEO of your career. Below are some questions to ask yourself to plan your stellar 2023.

For Corporate Workers Wanting a Raise and Promotion:

  • Hone your  personal cocktail pitch  to highlight last year’s accomplishments.
  • Add last year’s  accomplishments  to your  Linked In profile .
  • What projects can I take on to become indispensable and/or shine?
  • Who needs help in and outside the company? How can I help them?
  • Make a daily practice to  track your wins  – who you helped and the positive results of your work.
  • Each month compile your list of wins and results.
  • Each quarter compile your list of wins and results. Write them in an email/memo and meet with your manager to discuss. Ask what you can take on in the next quarter.
  • Decide when to use this info to ask for a raise and promotion, at your yearly review or before.

For Corporate Workers Wanting a New Job:

  • In addition to the above, identify what kind of job you want and where you want to work.
  • Who do you know at your target companies? Tap your network.
  • Who do you know who knows people at your target companies?
  • Send emails with specific information about the kind of job you’re looking for and the kind of people you want to be introduced to. Remember people want to help but they need specific requests. Make it easy for them to help you.

For Creative Projects/Side Hustles:

  • Make a list of the 5 projects you want to complete this year.
  • Order them by preference or urgency, assigning one or two to each quarter.
  • Then  chunk down  each project into 5 – 10 steps.
  • Get to work!

Remember  it is never too late . Whether you start your new project or you don’t, time will pass. Just start!

Wishing you a creative, productive, fun 2023!

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