Last week we talked about how a simple way to support your favorite author is to write a review on Amazon. Positive reviews can help everybody including yourself. Use the same format as writing a book review, just a few sentences about what you liked about the experience and a five star rating. Let’s harness the power of positivity!


Just like Amazon is the granddaddy of bookstores, Apple Podcasts is the most effective place to review your favorite podcast. If you listen to them on another medium like Google Podcasts, Spotify, or IHeartRadio, consider reviewing them there too.

Small Businesses

Reviews are the life blood of small businesses, and a few good reviews can really help them generate more sales. Every place from your plumber to the pet salon will benefit from good word of mouth. Some places to review your local small businesses: Google, Yelp, Next Door, Angie’s List, and Open Table.

Here is a thank you note I got from a restaurant I reviewed. They really do help!

A word of caution when reviewing small businesses, you are leaving an online record of where you go and what you do. You might consider for safety and privacy not using your full name when reviewing locally. This may sound a bit paranoid, but I think it’s smart whenever you’re posting publicly. Please don’t let that stop you from supporting a small business that gives you great service.

Five Star Reviews of You

No matter what your profession, whether you’re you are a creator or work in a corporate job, you can harness the power of reviews for yourself. In an earlier newsletter we talked tracking your kudos. If you are a writer, try doing something fun and creative with the positive feedback you’ve gotten by including those quotes on your website and your bio or in an e-mail when you’re introducing yourself or pitching a project. Good reviews provide social proof that you offer great service and are wonderful endorsements to use in your sales materials from pitch letters to sales pages. Everyone from creators to solopreneurs and executives can use their positive feedback as testimonials on their website or recommendations on Linked In.

Who can you help with a positive review today?

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