With our laptops, phones, and the Internet, you can work and create anywhere. While it’s important to be flexible, you also need a dedicated home base workspace, whether it’s a home office, a cozy corner desk, or your day job cubicle. Being comfortable is key to unlocking productivity and creativity. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll be surprised how the inspiration flows!

The Quest for the Perfect Chair

My big project over the last couple of weeks has been upgrading my workspace to be ergonomic. I’ve known for a while that I needed a new desk chair. I chose my chair for cuteness and matching my décor, instead of being practical and picking one that supported my back. And because my chair wasn’t comfortable, working from my bed had become a regular (and not so spine-friendly) habit.

My cute, uncomfortable chair.

Being a researcher, I spent about six hours looking at chairs on the Internet and reading reviews. After a while, they all started to look the same, even though there was a vast difference in price. Sometimes you get what you pay for, so I decided to make a big investment in both my health and productivity by getting a chair from the Relax the Back store. The real deal clincher was getting to try out the chairs before making my pick. As a bonus, they put the chair together and adjusted it for me.

My new ergonomic chair!

A few weeks using my incredibly supportive, albeit not-so-cute chair, I’ve experienced a transformation. Besides supporting my back and preventing neck strain, having armrests is a game changer. I am working longer without taking stretch breaks and my productivity has exploded. If you can, I encourage investing in a top-notch ergonomic chair – it’ll feel like a productivity superpower.

More Upgrades

The second big change I made to my desk setup was getting a second monitor. Working off of a giant monitor is easier on the eyes and more fun. Having dual monitors, with the Internet on one and my work on the other, makes everything easier and quicker.

Another significant improvement I made was getting an ergonomic keyboard. My laptop keyboard had been my go-to for years, but I started noticing strain on my wrists after prolonged use. Ergonomic keyboards, with their unique design, promote a more natural hand and wrist alignment, significantly reducing discomfort. If you’re someone who spends a good chunk of the day typing, this ergonomic shift might just be the cherry on top of your productivity sundae!

And finally, I invested in a new fancy camera. Perfect for both Zoom meetings and creating workshop videos, its auto-lighting adjustment ensures I’m camera ready anytime. No more anxiously checking the weather for the right light!

All these changes have been incredibly helpful. They have not just transformed my workspace, but my overall work experience, making it more enjoyable and more productive!

How can you improve your workspace?

Ergonomic Desk on a Budget

Upgrading your workspace doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. Here are some affordable ways to rejuvenate your desk, keeping productivity and comfort in mind:

1. DIY Chair: Instead of purchasing an expensive chair, consider adding a cushion or pillow to your current seat for better lumbar support. I was using a lumbar cushion in my cute chair. I have the same cushion in my car. It is a godsend on long drives.

2. DIY Monitor Stand: Use a stack of books or a sturdy box to elevate your monitor to eye level. This simple change can make a huge difference to your posture.

3. DIY Stand-Up Desk: Use a stack of books or a sturdy box to elevate your laptop and create a makeshift stand-up desk. This change in posture can help reduce back pain and improve focus.

4. Keyboard and Mouse Upgrade: There are plenty of budget-friendly ergonomic keyboards and mice. Sometimes a minor upgrade can improve comfort significantly.

5. Wrist Support: Using a wrist support with your mouse increases comfort for a small investment.

6. Second-Hand Goods: Check out thrift stores, garage sales, or online marketplaces for second-hand items. Sometimes you can find high-quality, barely used goods for a fraction of their original price.

7. Repurpose & Rearrange: Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective. Moving furniture around, using natural light, or even just decluttering can make a space feel brand new.

8. Mood Lighting: If you don’t have the luxury of natural light, consider getting an affordable LED desk lamp or fairy lights. The right lighting can boost mood and reduce eyestrain.

Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but how you use what you have. With a bit of creativity and some DIY spirit, you can transform any workspace into a comfortable, functional, and inspiring environment!

My New Desk

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