Have you heard about the creator economy? It is when people create, distribute, and monetize their own content, products, and services using online platforms and social media. This includes a wide range of activities like creating videos, writing articles, offering courses or coaching services, and much more. In the creator economy people showcase their unique talents and skills online and monetize their creations.

It’s an exciting time to be a creator because there are now endless opportunities to build a career doing what you love, whether it’s through social media, e-commerce, or other online channels. Creators are everything from traditional artists, musicians, and writers to social media influencers, podcasters, and YouTubers.

Thanks to the internet and social media, anyone with a creative idea can build an audience and earn a living from their passion. There are countless ways to turn your skills and interests into a profitable business. Creators monetize their content through a variety of ways: advertising, affiliate sales, merchandise, subscriptions, and direct payments from fans. As a result, many creators run profitable businesses.

I am a creator. I connect with you through this blog, virtually through my  courses  (more coming soon), and in person at workshops and  coaching sessions . For me there is something very powerful about identifying as a creator.

We live in exciting times! The creator economy is changing the way we think about work, creativity, and community. It’s a place where anyone can find their niche, build a following, and turn their passions into a source of income and influence.

In the creator economy, the sky’s the limit! You can work from anywhere and set your own hours. Everyone’s creator lifestyle is different. Many people use their creativity as a side hustle. Others work at it full time. All creative entrepreneurs are small businesses owners and have to spend time marketing as well as creating. There is always a lot to do, but it is a lot of fun.

So whether you’re a seasoned creator or just getting started, there’s never been a better time to explore the exciting world of the creator economy. With hard work and dedication, you can turn your passion into a thriving career that brings you joy and fulfillment. Get creating!

Create with 1,000 True Fans

1,000 True Fans  is a theory by Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, that creators only need a small number of devoted fans to achieve success and financial stability. In a world where it is easy to get caught up in building huge numbers of followers and likes, this concept is empowering. 1,000 true fans is the cornerstone of the creator economy.

The idea is that if you cultivate 1,000 true fans – people who are willing to buy everything you produce, attend your events, and support your work in any way possible – you can build a sustainable career as a creator.

The key to this theory is the idea of true fans. These are not casual followers or occasional supporters; they are dedicated and passionate fans who are willing to invest in your work. According to Kelly, a true fan is someone who will buy anything a creator produces, attend every event they hold, and tell their friends about their work. A creator with 1,000 true fans can make a comfortable living, even if they only charge a modest amount for their work.

The beauty of this concept is that it’s achievable. It’s easier to find 1,000 dedicated fans than it is to go viral and attract millions of followers who may not even be interested in supporting your work financially. The beauty of this approach is that it doesn’t require you to have a massive following or reach a mainstream audience. Instead, focus on creating work that you love and finding a small, devoted fanbase that will support you and your work for years to come. And as your true fanbase grows, so does your income and your ability to create more of the work you love.

1,000 True Fans in the 9 to 5 World

While the concept of 1,000 true fans was initially developed for creators looking to monetize their content, it can also be applied to a corporate career. The idea is that instead of trying to be everything to everyone, you focus on building a small, dedicated network of professional connections who will support you throughout your career.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive job market, it’s important to cultivate a strong personal brand and network. By building a small but dedicated group of supporters, you can set yourself up for long-term career success.

In the context of a corporate career, your true fans could be your colleagues, managers, mentors, and clients. These are the people who believe in your abilities and are willing to vouch for you, recommend you for job opportunities, and support your career growth.

So how do you find your true fans in a corporate setting?

Focus on what others want: Connect with your colleagues and clients on a personal level and make an effort to understand their goals and needs.  By giving them what they need to succeed, you will be quickly become their go to person. 

Over deliver: Consistently produce high-quality work that demonstrates your expertise and attention to detail. When possible, give people more than they asked for.  This will help you stand out and earn the respect of your colleagues and clients.

Follow Up: After you’ve built relationships with your true fans, stay in touch and continue to nurture those connections. This will help you stay top-of-mind and position you for future opportunities.

By focusing on building a small but dedicated group of true fans in your corporate career, you can set yourself up for long-term success. Remember, it’s not about impressing everyone – it’s about people who believe in you.

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