You see a post on LinkedIn by a former work nemesis about their latest project and feel a knot form in the pit of your stomach. How come they are doing so well when you’re not? Ugh. Comparing yourself to others can lead to insecurity, envy, and negativity.

How can we transform this professional jealousy into something positive?

Recognize that everybody feels this way. We all have ​hate googled someone​. After that initial hit of jealousy turn proactive. No wallowing allowed.

You do not know what they have done to get where they are. You don’t know how many years they’ve struggled. You don’t know how hard they’ve worked on their craft or building their network. Without all the information, it isn’t an apples to apples comparison. Especially if you’re looking at someone who started their career journey before you.

If you need a boost, look at your ​accomplishments list ​or read your bio. We are always so focused on what we want; it is easy to forget all the wonderful things we have already done.

And don’t forget what has happened in the last few years that impacted your career. Maybe you have struggled with addiction or lost a loved one. Give yourself grace for what you have been dealing with.

When you feel the bitterness about other people’s accomplishments creep up, the best thing you can do is focus on yourself and the things you can control. Create more. Learn more. Try new things. You may be surprised at what happens next.

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