This past Sunday May 19 was the Pitch Master Newsletter’s 2nd birthday! Woo hoo! To celebrate here are the five most popular newsletters for the past year.

​Why You Should Write at the Car Wash​

Sometimes when you are searching for inspiration, try changing location.

​How the World’s Worst Writer Can Inspire You​

Keeler wrote over a hundred pulp novels (mostly detective stories) from the 1920s to the 1950s and is remembered for being a terrible writer with convoluted plots and crazy dialogue.

​Everyone Loves a Happy Ending​

Most movies and books have happy endings. The lovers get together; the bad guys are caught; the wrongly accused get their justice. In the world of entertainment, tragedies are rare. The real world is hard, and that’s why entertainment thrives. It takes us away from our troubles.

How Not to Worry about the Apocalypse​

I worry a lot about the Apocalypse.

​A Day Job Can Make You More Creative​

If you have a day job or a side hustle to support yourself while you create, you are not a failure!

Keep creating and see you next week!

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