A few weeks ago we talked about the three hats you wear in your creative career – ​the Maker, the Manager, and the Marketer​. This summer I challenge you to work on improving all three hats!

Embrace being a lifelong learner and find joy in learning new stuff. Build new routines of learning into your day.

My Learning Routine

Every morning I read newsletters and articles for an hour and a half. I read one nonfiction book a week. I listen to podcasts when I am driving and doing house chores. I am always taking an online course about something. I attend virtual and in person conferences. I do all this to write better content for you and build my business.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the huge amount of interesting information out there. Just commit to do one learning activity day, even if it’s for 15 minutes. Find your own rhythm that works for you.

Ways to Learn

  • Reading books.
  • Watching YouTube videos. Do a YouTube search about what you are studying and hundreds of videos will pop up. Search for interviews with your favorite artists. You can learn a lot listening to how the people you admire create.
  • Watching movies and TV shows in your genre and breaking down the structure.
  • Listening to podcasts. Lots of podcasters put their shows up on YouTube, if you prefer to learn by watching.
  • Listening to audiobooks.
  • Watching documentaries.
  • Taking online courses. Lots of authors and newsletter creators offer online courses. So do universities. There are online programs like LinkedIn Learning, Master Class, and Great Courses.
  • Taking in person classes. Your local university and community college offer continuing education courses. If you are in LA, UCLA has a wonderful writing program.
  • Attending panels & conferences. There are many organizations, groups, and teachers that are putting on events, both virtual and in person. Join industry groups and get on email lists to be invited. Often the classes and panels are open to the public and you don’t have to be a member. Also, look on Meet Up and Eventbrite for interesting classes and events.

Groups and Events to Help You Learn

Film, TV, & Writing:


Novelists groups host panels, classes, and conferences. There are hundreds of them. Here are a few:

Make July Your Maker Month! – Writing Resources




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