Lindsey Hughes Press Kit

Lindsey Hughes teaching

Lindsey Hughes loves helping people discover their superpower, create compelling content, and feel excited about pitching and networking.  She teaches how to pitch like a boss, network like a VIP, and write like an Oscar winner. 

In her wide-ranging career as a Hollywood development executive, Lindsey worked in everything from feature films, television movies, and TV series, to animation and live action.  She began her career reading scripts for Robert Zemeckis and Kathryn Bigelow, worked under Michael Eisner at Walt Disney Feature Animation, and developed projects for John H. Williams, producer of the billion dollar Shrek franchise. 

She is the author of two non-fiction books, How to Turn Your Screenplay Into a Novel and The Pitch Master’s Top Tactics.

Lindsey has a great and rare ability to identify what makes a story really work.

Rob Moreland

Writer-Producer, Graverobber Productions


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How to Pitch Your Project

Lindsey teaches a powerful effective way to pitch projects that everyone from screenwriters to novelists to entrepreneurs can use.

How to Make Networking Easy

Networking tips and tricks for newbies, introverts, and everyone else.

Why Writers Should Approach Their Career Like a Business

Lindsey explains that in order to make a living as a writer (screenwriting and fiction), writers must treat their career like a business. She gives actionable steps for writers to expand their networks and streams of income.

 Intro to Indie Publishing for Screenwriters

Screenwriters spend their careers waiting for other people to say yes so their stories can make it to the screen. Lindsey explains the world of indie publishing, including how screenwriters can benefit from turning their screenplays into novels and exploiting this new revenue stream.




  • Why do people dislike networking?
  • What makes networking easier?
  • How can you introduce yourself in a memorable way?
  • How can you network when you are starting in your career and don’t have many accomplishments?
  • Why is LinkedIn important for creatives?
  • How can networking be easier for introverts?
  • What are some tips for getting the most out of conferences?


  • How do you pitch projects?
  • How important is a pitch deck?
  • What are some productivity tips for writers?
  • How can you overcome procrastination?
  • How can you break writer’s block?
  • Is outlining necessary?
  • What is genre and why is it important?
  • Why are tropes important and how can writers use them?

The Business of Writing

  • Why is marketing important (for screenwriters and novelists)?
  • What is a writer brand? Why is it important?
  • Why should writers continue to work on their craft?
  • What are multiple income streams and why are they important?
  • What are different ways writers can get their stories in front of audiences?
  • Why should screenwriters turn their scripts into novels?
  • How can novelists break into Hollywood?