Story Coaching

Let’s find your story telling superpower!



In our sessions you will learn:

  • How to talk to execs

  • The importance of leave behind

  • What is a cocktail pitch and why you need one for yourself and your project.

  • How to get someone to read your script

  • How to manage your reps

  • How to conquer conferences like Kidscreen & ComicCon

We can work on:

  • Creative feedback on a specific project

  • Long term story development

  • Accountability and deadlines

  • One on one writers group with weekly assignments

  • Pitching improvement

  • Written or verbal story notes as a one time fee (see below)

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Story Notes on Scripts


1)  A 4-12 page memo of written feedback as if from a studio executive with a 20 minute follow up phone call.

2)  Or no written notes and a 1 hour phone call

Feature Film up to 120 pages $500 with notes

Feature Film up to 120 pages $400 without notes 

Feature Film 120+ pages with notes $700

Feature Film 120+ pages without notes $600

TV hour script with notes $400

TV hour script without notes $350

TV Half Hour script with notes $350

TV Half Hour Script without notes $250

TV 12 minute script with notes $200

TV 12 minute script without notes $100