As a creative, your enthusiasm will shines in your latest project. Enthusiasm makes you magnetic and charismatic, no matter what you’re talking about or who you are talking to. Be unapologetically excited about what you’re creating, exuberantly share it with the world. Enthusiasm is a superpower that gives you super results.

Enthusiasm is a Superpower

This week I went to a talk at my local murder mystery bookstore, by the writer-director of a debut play of Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. I was interested to hear how he approached adapting this classic book.

It was a fascinating talk, and he was an entertaining speaker. He reminded me of the importance of enthusiasm in creating and sharing your projects. Not only is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd his favorite book, Mark Shanahan is an Agatha Christie aficionado. His love for her work was invigorating.

Here are my ahas from his talk:

  • Everyone has their thing they are into, whether it’s Agatha Christie or Barbie or bird watching. There are ways to use the thing you love to geek out about in your projects and career.
  • When you write about what you love, your joy shines through and the project is stronger.
  • Speak with enthusiasm and people will remember what you said.
  • When you are a storyteller, the joy of your audience is fuel to keep you going. He talked about a point in the play where the audience gasps and how every night it gave him chills. And every night the cast that wasn’t on stage and the crew all gathered in the wings to watch that scene.
  • Enthusiasm is infectious. Be excited to talk about what you’re working on. Be excited to share your passions with other people; and they will enjoy your joy.

Enthusiasm Feeds Your Creativity

  • What is the thing that you love?
  • What is your interest that fires you up?
  • How can it inspire a project?
  • How can you share it with the world?

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