Idea Generator #2 – Childhood Literary Heroes

My parents are reorganizing their library and grabbed a bunch of books from the donation pile. The prize was Nancy Drew mysteries from the 1960s. They are a great addition to my collection of 10 first edition Nancy Drews from the 30s. Did you know that Nancy Drew has been solving mysteries since the 1930s? Although the original series ended in 2003, more modern versions have continued. She is the original girl detective.

Thanks to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys children having adventures and solving mysteries is a booming genre. What is the 2024 version of Nancy Drew? And why hasn’t Hollywood been able to make a good modern Nancy Drew? I would love to read it and watch it!

Think about your favorite books when you were a kid. What would be the adult version of those stories? A contemporary version? Or maybe you could set them in a new time period like the Revolutionary War? If you’re searching for an idea, look at your childhood bookshelf and use it for inspiration.

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