Curiosity is a powerful force in the life of a creative person. It is the spark that ignites our imagination and drives us to explore new ideas and possibilities.  When we are curious, we are open to learning and experiencing new things. This allows us to see things from different angles, which can lead to new insights and breakthroughs.

Be Permanently Curious

Tap into the power of curiosity by adopting a mindset of permanent curiosity. This means approaching everything in life with a sense of wonder and a desire to learn and understand more.  It’s important to practice the habit of asking questions and seeking new information. This can be as simple as asking a colleague or friend about their interests or reading an article on a topic you know nothing about.

Always be…

A simple way to practice curiosity is to always be…

Always be reading. Read at the level you want to write. Read the kinds of books, articles, and screenplays you want to write. Read about new topics and read about your industry. Know and follow the thought leaders in your business and the business you want to be in.

Always be watching. Watch the kinds of stories you want to tell. Watch short videos and documentaries about things you know and things you don’t.

Always be listening. Listen to podcasts about a variety of topics. Listen to podcasts about skills you want to improve or acquire. Check out scripted podcasts or listen to an audiobook.

Always be writing. If you are a writer, write every day even if it is just for 15 minutes. The more you write the more your writing improves. Even if you aren’t a writer by profession, practice writing clear and concise emails and compelling presentations. The better the writer you are, the better a communicator you are. And everyone no matter what they do, can be better at writing, speaking, and presenting.

Make curiosity one of your superpowers and exponentially increase your creativity. You will be surprised at the unexpected benefits learning and trying new things. By adopting a mindset of permanent curiosity, you can unlock new possibilities for yourself. So make it a habit to be curious, and see how it can transform your life!

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