Coaching Sessions

Quick Pitch 15 minutes for $20

In this short conversation you will learn how to answer the question – what do you do? – in a way that wows whoever you are talking to. Networking will be a breeze!

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Pep Talk Pitch 1 hour for $150

We will use this one hour session to jumpstart your career by focusing on the fun stuff – who you are and what you want. After this call you will feel unstoppable!

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The Pitch Artist 3 One hour sessions for $350

Over three sessions you will become a Pitch Artist – telling entertaining stories about who you are, what you’re working on, and what excites you. Your enthusiasm and know how will shine through every time you open your mouth.

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The Pitch Boss 6 One hour sessions for $750

At the end of six sessions, you will be a Pitch Boss – a networking star and mesmerizing storyteller full of meeting mojo. No matter what the situation you will have fun talking about yourself and what you’re doing.

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The Pitch Master 12 One hour sessions for $1,500

After 12 sessions, become a Pitch Master and be able to talk to anyone at anytime about anything. Your ideas will be golden. People will be excited to hear what you have to say. You will be laser focused on what you want, where you are going, and how to get there.

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Story Notes on Scripts

1)  A 4-12 page memo of written feedback as if from a studio executive with a 20 minute follow up phone call.
2)  Or no written notes and a 1 hour phone call

Feature Film up to 120 pages $500 with notes

Feature Film up to 120 pages $400 without notes 

Feature Film 120+ pages with notes $700

Feature Film 120+ pages without notes $600

TV Hour Script with notes $400

TV Hour Script without notes $350

TV Half Hour Script with notes $350

TV Half Hour Script without notes $250

TV 12 Minute Script with notes $100

TV 12 Minute Script without notes $50