As we head into the new year, let’s talk about a powerful new mindset that will supercharge your 2024. The concept of making choices from the perspective of Future You from ​Benjamin Hardy​‘s book Personality Isn’t Permanent.​

The two main parts of this concept are:

  1. Vision-Driven Choices: Instead of making decisions based on current preferences, emotions, or circumstances, make choices that align with who you want to be in the future – your desired future self. Ask what your future self would do and make decisions that reflect that.
  2. ​Long-Term Thinking​: Consider how today’s choices will affect your future. Prioritize actions that bring you closer to your future goals.

Embracing Your Future You in Your Daily Writing Routine

Let’s explore how thinking about your future self can invigorate and guide your writing journey.

1. Define Your Future Writer Self

Picture who you want to be as a writer. What kind of stories do you want to tell? What voice do you wish to develop? Make it as concrete as possible. Maybe your future self creates witty banter, or you’re the next big thing in mystery novels. This vision will serve as your north star, guiding your daily writing routine.

2. Set Goals Aligned with Your Future You

Once you have a clear picture of your future writer self, set goals that align with this vision. These goals should be specific, measurable, and time-bound. For instance, if your future self is an accomplished novelist, your goal might be to complete a novel draft in a year. This means setting daily or weekly writing targets that contribute to this larger goal.

3. Make Decisions with Future You in Mind

Every day, you’re at a crossroads: to write or not to write. Here’s a cool trick – ask yourself, “What would my future successful writer self do?” Even on those days when your muse is playing hide and seek, remember, your future self is counting on you to keep the words flowing. This mindset is your secret weapon for staying on track.

4. Embrace Learning and Improving Your Craft

The journey to your future self is paved with learning and growth. ​Dedicate time to learning​ new writing skills. Embrace new writing exercises, genres, or techniques. Your future self is a more skilled writer because they weren’t afraid to experiment and learn.

5. Reflect and Revise Regularly

Growth is all about change, and so are your writing goals. Keep checking in with yourself. Celebrate those big wins (and the little ones too)! If your future self is nudging you towards a new genre or media, go for it! Be flexible enough to accommodate these evolving goals.


Applying the Future You concept to your writing isn’t just about ticking off goals. It’s about aligning your everyday hustle with where you want to be down the road. It’s about being bold, learning, and evolving. Remember, the amazing writer you’ll be tomorrow is taking shape with every word you write today.

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